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Mar 10, 2023

How images make our body move

Today on the Brain Booster we welcome back a great friend of the show Susie Meyers. Susie is one of the very top coaches in the USA and always brings some wonderful insights.

Today was no exception. We had a great conversation about how to release your very best golf and how the latest neuroscience is pointing us towards the need to play from a quiet place in the mind.

There are SO many GEMS in this conversation that really WILL make a difference to your game.

Why an over attachment to outcomes and results is so counterproductive to freeing us up to play our best golf.

  • The need to find balance both in the body and the mind.
  • Why we are so wound up in our lives and what it is doing to our brain.
  • The need to get back to a child like ‘alpha’ state
  • The quiet and calm place where great golf can emerge
  • Reducing the ‘noise’ on the golf course
  • How closing your eyes can have such a dramatic effect on how much stimulus we receive 
  • Why is there so much fear in the game?
  • SO HOW we can play the game with less fear?
  • Playing from Point A
  • This shot in this unique moment.
  • The Magic of the P Words
  1. PLAN


  • Living with the A Words
  1. AWARE
  • Why we need to be aware of how talking about our ‘tendencies’ can get in the way of our progress
  • How you can create powerful images that your body can RESPOND to
  • The difference between ‘Backward Thinking and Forward Thinking’
  • What are the ‘Universal Truths’ about the golf swing?
  • WHO are you going to be on the golf course today?






Being comes before DOING

What happens to you is not so PERSONAL

A really wonderful thought provoking and life enhancing conversation.

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