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May 14, 2021

Today we have on the Brain Booster a wonderful man in the shape of Peter Ballingall.

Peter has just recently released a great book called ‘Trust and Let Go’

A collection of his thoughts about coaching over the past 50 years or so.

The title is wonderful and sums up what we could all consider as a useful direction to go with our game and indeed our life.

Trust and Let Go!

With Peter I had the chance to discuss his great career and the influence of certain people along the way.

Not least the great John Jacobs

Peter had the opportunity as a young golf pro to work for and with John.

It must have been an incredible time.

Yet Peter took that opportunity with both hands

He made the most of an opportunity presented by fate.

It is a great message to us all

When the chance comes along to take it with both hands

Trust and Let Go!

Peter went on to run incredibly successful golf schools over many years at Barnham Broom in Norfolk

He was a pioneer in the world of golf schools

More recently he has been in Spain at El Rompido

A beautiful part of the world still coaching as enthusiastically as ever

In our session Peter’s passion shines through

His insights are very valuable

You will gain a lot from listening to his wise words

To get a copy of Peter’s book on Amazon UK go to

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