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May 16, 2019

Over in China I had the opportunity to meet with Rudy Duran

Rudy was the first coach of Tiger Woods.

In a wonderful show I get chance to ask Rudy some detailed questions about Tiger and the way he helped him shape the game that would go on to be one of the greatest players of all time.

We start with THE COMEBACK

Perhaps the greatest comeback in the history of sport.

How against all of the odds Tiger came back this year to win the Masters at Augusta

Rudy shares his thoughts on what may be possible for Tiger going forwards

How many majors COULD Tiger now win?

We then go back to the very beginning

How Tiger mother Tida brought him to Rudy as a five year old.

The first shots he hit

The environment Rudy created to allow him to develop

The way he CREATED golf shots

The lessons we can all learn about the difference between verbal knowledge and instinctive ability

The ability to trust the system

We discuss how Rudy is very different coach now to the way he used to be

How his coaching is much more about drawing out the learning as opposed to imposing the teaching

How this puts the student first and the coach second

It really was a fun time with Rudy that I am sure you will get so much valuable insight from

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