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Dec 2, 2022

How many times have we been told to ‘swing it slow’?

We will have read that you can’t take the club away too slowly.

Get the takeaway just right and everything else will fall into place!

How well has that gone for most of us

Possibly these clichés are some of the most damaging myths in the game

Also when we TRY to swing slow we give ourselves the opportunity to become really tied in knots with swing technique and trying to ‘place’ the club in certain positions.

Well on today’s show many of those myths and misconceptions will be challenged by our guest John Novosel from Tour Tempo

John will share with us some amazing insights that he and his father have gathered over the past 20 years or so

It would seem that many of us should actually be allowing ourselves to swing the club much more freely and in effect more quickly.

Being aware of the swing as opposed to trying to influence the swing.

It will be music to many Brain Booster listener’s ears.

From Tour Tempo research there is a specific 3 to 1 ration that ALL great players use in terms of their tempo

This is a REALLY fascinating session with someone who is absolutely passionate about game improvement.

You will think TOTALLY differently about TEMPO and how it applies to your game.

John Novosel Jr. is the Co-Creator of Tour Tempo. Tour Tempo is the best selling book published by Doubleday and is a 5 star app for iOS. In addition to TT, he has patented or co-patented 4 swing training aids. He recently authored Tour Tempo Force, which hit #1 on Apple books for all sports.

He has given thousands of ’speed lesson’s to golfers of all abilities from Major Champions thru beginners. He also walks the walk, at 52 years old he produces swing speeds over 130 mph and has competed in long drive events, his longest drive in competition is 402 yards.

John has presented his concepts on Tempo, Speed and Power around the globe including seminars with PGA Sweden, PGA Holland, PGA Germany, PGA of America, the World Golf Fitness Summit and many others.

He has certifications with TPI, SSC Golf, and has his own certification program for Tour Tempo Speed Instructors.


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