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May 19, 2023

Today we are joined on the Brain Booster by one of the legends of US coaching Jim Waldron for a fascinating discussion about the Mind Body connection

Jim has spent most of his working life absorbed in the workings of consciousness and how it can apply to the game of golf

In his early years he spent time with some masters of martial arts and applied key principles to his coaching

He studied with some of the great meditation teachers such as Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Suziki Roshi

He has become very well known for his work with the yips in golf and also in numerous other sports such as baseball, basketball, darts and bowls

We discussed:

  • The two types of yips and why one type is very
  • The origination of yips and what makes things worse
  • What are the ‘fuels’ for the yips?
  • The wrong use of the conscious mind
  • The effects of negative emotion and the manifestation of FEAR
  • Why people don’t yip on a practice swing
  • The principle of Radical Acceptance
  • How ‘observation’ can change everything
  • Are you the ‘Hero’ or the ‘Victim’ of your story?
  • The value of a mindfulness practice
  • Understand your ‘focal point’ in the swing


So many wonderful ideas and concepts to consider

Jim Waldron is a nationally acclaimed golf teaching professional, mental game coach, author, and lecturer best known for his pioneering research on the mind/body connection approach to learning and teaching golf. His holistic approach to golf improvement blends swing and short game mechanics, mental focus skills, physical fitness and emotional state control into a revolutionary golf instruction paradigm. He is recognized as one of the game's best golf swing instructors and swing theorists.

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