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Sep 11, 2018

In today’s show we have an EXEPTIONAL guest.

Ed Coughlan is one of the world’s leading experts in SKILL ACQUISITION and his insights will prove incredibly beneficial to your quest in becoming better at almost anything.

Based at the Cork institute of technology Ed has spent time with some of the leading practitioners of skill acquisition.

He is both fascinating and engaging

We had a wonderful discussion devoid of any ego just sharing information to help players improve.

Ed’s route to Skill Acquisition started over 20 years ago as a coach and accelerated during his degree in Sport Science at Dublin City University (DCU) and his PhD in Skill Acquisition at the Research Institute for Sport & Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). He has studied under some of the world’s leading Skill Acquisition specialists; Dr Rick Shuttleworth, Dr Paul Ford and Prof. Mark Williams.

In Liverpool he further developed his skills in performance analysis, eye-tracking technology, video analysis and skills testing. He had the opportunity to work with the EIS, GB Shooting, UEFA, Chelsea FC, St Helen’s RLFC, Scottish Curling and many more. He lectures in Sport Science in the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). And is also a guest lecturer in Skill Acquisition at University College Dublin (UCD).

In the session we discuss how liberating it is to realise that so many skills CAN be learned if you put yourself in the right environment and your training is geared to transferability.

We explore that fundamental question ‘does your practice transfer into the REAL world?’

We talk about developing the skill of resilience

The ability to DEAL with whatever the game throws at you

We talk about the limitations of trying to work on pieces of your technique from a bio mechanical perspective

Creating rich learning environments

Accumulating ‘good days’.. Ed has a very similar philosophy about maximising each and every day to move your game forwards

How you CAN teach and old dog new tricks

What the research says about learning skills as you get older IF the practice and the environment is set up correctly

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Ed and I recommend you sit back listen and enjoy the words of a true expert

Ed can be contacted at

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