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Sep 26, 2019

Great to have a friend of the show back in Gary Nicol

We get the chance today to discuss our new book ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’

We dig a little deeper as to why the putting book has been so successful

The concepts that have created freedom

The ideas allowing people to fall in love again with CREATING shots and putts

We look back on the life Of the ultimate golfing artist Gordon Brand Jnr

Gary discusses some wonderful tales of his time with Junior.

The laughs, the highs and the lows of life on tour.

We also look at the process of actually writing a book how it runs parallel with trying to improve your golf game.

The need to stay with the process.

The ability to deal with frustration and also the help that can be provided by another person, someone to whom you are accountable to.

This single concept could help you enormously with your golf game

We ask the question ‘does the shot create the swing or does the swing create a shot?’

Such a fundamental question to ponder.

As always with Gary his passion for coaching shines through in every sentence


He is committed as a coach to finding the very best ways for golfers to improve and enjoy the game so much more


We are really excited about the prospects of presenting the ideas in our new book



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