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Feb 25, 2022

Today on the Brain Booster we are joined by Performance coach and author Peter Arnott

He was co author with Graeme McDowall and Ian Renshaw of the wonderful book ‘A Constraints Led Approach

to Golf Coaching’

Now with Ian Renshaw he has put together a fantastic learning program called ‘Swing it like Tiger’

As we discuss during our time together the program is not really about any positions in Tiger’s swing. It is much more about the LEARNING process that he employed to become one of the greatest of all time.

We discuss

How Tiger spent most of his early development on the golf course with coach Rudy Duran

How he learned to create shots

Created shots names and how this can help commitment

Setting up ‘cues’ to trigger his body into action

The concept of ‘Tiger Par’ and how YOU can apply that to your game successfully

Building effective learning environments

Situational training

The influence of his father Earl Woods who had a background in the Special Forces

How Tiger used his visual sense to enhance his learning

The Number one SKILL to develop to become a better player

How you can ‘tune in’ to the golf club so much more

Building a repertoire of SHOTS

Giving the shots a name to cue your body

So much of Peters work is around transferring your training into play

How you can use technology more efficiently to transfer your learning?

How better training can make you a more adaptable golfer?

How can you best apply these ideas to your short game skills

Peter also has some wonderful research from Scottish European Tour players about the pitfalls of incorrect training that is not SPECIFIC to what you require as a Tour Player

A really great session

Peter shared so many wonderful insights to really get you thinking about the way you apply yourself to becoming the player you want to be

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