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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches.  Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen.

Jan 9, 2020

It is fantastic to have with us again on the Brain Booster Phil Richards.

Phil recently presented on the Mind Factor course certification course in the UK

His latest research on strength conditioning and nutrition went down an absolute treat.

It is great to announce that we will be running a ‘Training for Golf’ weekend retreat in February at the Athlete Factory, Chester UK

This weekend WILL have a major impact on the way you play the game this year.

Perhaps more importantly it will have a major impact on your LIFE in general

The dates for the weekend are 22nd-23rd February

To book click the link

In today’s podcast we get the chance with Phil to discuss some really key themes around HEALTH and STRENGTH

We invest so much money in equipment, technology and coaching yet unless we are HEALTHY nothing else matters

Is this the year you are going to take ACTION and get HEALTHY?

Are you going to invest in YOURSELF?

Phil has worked at the highest levels of sport for over 20 years

Premiership Rugby

Premiership Football

International Athletes

World title winning boxers

He has had success at ALL levels

Are you Past 40? Falling off the ‘cliff edge’

We talk about the vital importance when you are past 40 years of age (or any age) to build MUSCLE

It is such a vital component on your overall health and the ability to play your sport at an OPTIMAL level

We look into:

How excess IRON causes a lot of muscle wastage

The chronic TESTOSTERONE deficiency in most people

Both Men and WOMEN!!

Why your ‘diet’ could actually be making you feel very ill

Why so many people are insulin resistant which inhibits the ability to make muscle

What Vitamin D can do for you

You WILL be amazed and chances are YOU are Vitamin D deficient

How individual blood testing will give you a clear picture of your unique make up as an individual

You can then take SPECIFIC action

The amazing results you can get when you take specific personalised action



The big mistakes we make in training

How ‘mimicking the action’ can be detrimental

Phil’s research from the Russians and East Germans regarding throwing

How strength is THE key to throw further

The carry over to ALL sports

The key exercises that make THE biggest difference

When you understand the key exercises you can create infinite variations in your program

The more elite the more varied your program should be

The need for intensity and severity of load and stress

What a REALLY good training week looks like

How to plan YOUR week

The importance of SMART rest and recuperation

The amazing effects of a sauna and what it can do for you

How 90% of people DO NOT get a response in the gym

How YOU can be different

Some real ground shaking information in today’s podcast

Information you can take action on RIGHT now

To contact Phil about your blood chemistry analysis go to

To join us on this ground breaking weekend in the UK

Training for Golf

22nd-23rd February

Athlete Factory


go to