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Oct 24, 2019

Today with have with us a pioneer in the world of coaching

Kiran Kanwar was the first woman teaching professional in India

Being the ‘first’ at anything is amazing in itself

But Kiran didn’t stop there...

She has spent her life researching how to get better at golf and for that matter any sport

She has been fascinated with the field of bio-mechanics and how the body and mind interact (or don’t interact) in the quest to produce an effective motion

She has presented her work and research all over the world most notably the The World Scientific Congress of Golf

She has a wonderful set of resources for the curious mind on her website

In today’s show we discuss

Kiran and her early work in India

The challenges of being the first woman teaching professional there

How the early struggles got her to really think ‘could there be a better way than this?’

Her research into the body

How the brain and body interact to produce movement

The challenges of thinking about your body in the swing

The potential dangers of ‘downswing thoughts’

How a good set up can create an ‘effective chain reaction’

Future opportunities in research

How great coaches of the future will have a very rounded knowledge of mind, body and motion

The most effective way to develop your coaching programmes

A really interesting show with a women who has been brave enough to step away from the ‘norm’ and challenge existing constructs

As we always say on the Brain Booster take what YOU need to take from this information and personalise it.


Find out more about Kiran at

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