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Jan 2, 2020

John is one of the world’s most highly regarded social psychologists

He is a professor at Yale University

Author of over 200 research papers

His experiments in social psychology are legendary

This podcast will really get you to think

The way you interact with your OWN world

How the way you process your world is either making you happy or sad

The choices you are making

The skill of directing your attention

The importance of others

How we can set our world up to be more productive and in turn far happier

It is the perfect time to welcome back John Bargh one of the world’s most eminent social psychologists.

John wrote a wonderful book

‘Before you know it’ – The unconscious reasons we do what we do

it really is a must read book exploring all of the ways our unconscious mind runs our world

in today’s show we cover some really important ground that will have a multitude of effects in various parts of YOUR life

The fascinating effects of PRIMING

How we are constantly being triggered to behave in certain ways by our environment and the people within that environment

We are being primed all of the time

The big question is can we ‘self prime’?

Can we PRIME ourselves?

John really drills down into the pro’s and cons of self priming

Look around your everyday world

Look around your environment

What is your world telling you to do?

We might be trying to consciously change ourselves but if our environment doesn’t support it we are giving ourselves less that our best chance

How other people will REALLY impact our productivity in the world

Ignore this at your peril

John is such an engaging guest

Generous with his time and his spirit

Every time I speak to him I learn something REALLY important

I am sure you will do the same

Enjoy the show

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‘Before you know it’ – The unconscious reasons we do what we do:

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