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Dec 1, 2023

Today on the Brain Booster we welcome the authors of a fascinating new book ‘In the Zone Secrets’

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Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey have been very successful with their program with clients of all levels and abilities

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It is a really interesting story about how they got together and began working on their program.

Bo Watson had actually given up the game and quit coaching

He had gotten to a point where he felt so frustrated with his own game and also the progress of his students.


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He had a conversation with Shannon over dinner that changed everything.

Shannon had been incredibly successful Speed Skating coach with numerous students who had become World Champions

He had been using neuromuscular training using primarily the power of mental imagery

Bo then went away and worked on his game without doing any actual physical practice

He then came back to golf and played some of the very best golf of his life.

We discussed:

  • How to play ‘Caveman Golf’
  • How to create a ‘Custom Trigger’
  • Engaging the right side of your brain
  • Painting vivid images of your intended outcomes
  • How mental rehearsal has been used by the greats in many other sports such as Michael Jordan and Muhammed Ali
  • How the great coach Alex Morrison in the 1940’s had such a profound effect on coaching
  • How mental rehearsal can speed up swing changes


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