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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches.  Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen.

Aug 3, 2018

In today’s show we provide an insight about how a coach and a player can evolve by taking ACTION

Instead of just keep repeating the same old patterns and habits


What are you going to DO that will make a difference?

What will you do with the information in this podcast?


We discuss today with Noel how he went from being a very player to an outstanding coach

To go from shooting in the SIXTIES in practice to the horror of taking NINETY in a tournament that mattered.

Can you imagine how that felt for him?


How could performance vary so wildly?


What was going on?


Logically this didn’t make any sense so

Noel decided to find out

He not only looked at how others coached but decided to do his own research around learning, automaticity and skill acquisition

We discuss how in years gone by how technical coaching and sports psychology seemed to be at odds with each other

How sports psychology may have not provided the benefit to many players that it should

The role of bio mechanics and what it can and can’t do for your game

The limitation so just ‘working’ on your body

What Noel found in his research about swing thoughts

Deemed by many as being the ‘wrong’ thing to do on the course Noel discover differently and how much it was actually down to the unique individual

A familiar theme on the Brain Booster about finding YOUR way and not hoping to discover THE way

Some great insights into attentional focus and the very best way to spend your practice time

Using time efficiently


We discuss the ‘yips’ from a playing and coaching perspective and reinforce the fact that there IS hope IF you know how to direct your attention appropriately


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