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Jul 15, 2022

Today we have a great show lined up as we welcome back Rupert Spira.

This session is a recording of a live webinar I did with Rupert recently discussing the nature of the ‘Zone Experience’

As ever with Rupert it was a wonderfully engaging and thought provoking session full of insight to be applied to all areas of your life.

Rupert Spira is the author of numerous books including ‘Being Myself’ and ‘Being aware of being aware’ His most recent book is ‘You are the happiness you seek’

As a spiritual teacher he explores the concepts of ‘Non Duality’ and the ‘Direct Path’ to experience.

He travels worldwide hosting retreats and teachings around the nature of being and experience.

What is the Zone?

More importantly how can we access its qualities on a more frequent basis

How do we interact with the environment?

Do we see the course as a ‘friendly place’?

What place does ambition have in the Non Dual approach?

Being completely absorbed in something you LOVE to do

Are we seeking happiness in all the wrong places?

A truly great conversation that will engage your mind to ask some deeper questions.


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