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Apr 13, 2018

Is putting an art or is it a science? There can certainly be strong arguments on both sides of the divide. Yet I would suggest that for many the balance has tipped too far towards the science at the expense of the art of holing putts. It is with great pleasure today that I welcome back my good friend Gary Nicol.

Gary was a very popular previous guest on the show with his refreshingly simple approach to peak performance. His views on the game resonated with many listeners. Today we turn our attention to rolling the ball on the green.

Both Gary and myself have collaborated on a book that will be released shortly ..‘The Lost Art of Putting’ A book that will challenge many of your existing concepts about how to best become great on the greens

In today’s show we set the scene for the launch of the book by going over some of the key concepts. Why have we LOST the ART of putting?

In many ways we know wo much more about what we SHOULD be doing on the greens but we just don’t seem to be getting the ball into the hole.

So many players talk about being tied up in knots and unable to pull the putter back. This is the result of a mind drowning in technical information.

Have a listen to today’s show and set yourself free to really enjoy the art of putting again.

We talk about

Does the stroke create the putt or does the putt create the stroke?

Which is more important LINE or PACE?

What are you going to DO about it?

How to ask quality questions on the green that will provide answers your body can act upon.

How to read putts more efficiently

The role of mechanics

What shows up when your ATTENTION is in the right place

It is a great show full of simple but practical advice that will make a difference.

Gary Nicol can be contacted at and for details of our upcoming Putting Performance days

He is resident coach at the wondrous Archerfield Links

To contact Karl for details of his coaching programmes go to