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Jan 29, 2021

I am really excited to bring you today’s guest David Walsh.

David is the sports writer you will have all seen at the back page of your Sunday Times. His weekly reports cover so many differing sports and they are always a wonderful read.

He is the author of a number of GREAT books most notably ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ where he details his coverage of the Lance Armstrong saga and how he spent so many years being vilified for an opinion which in the end proved 100% correct. The fact he stuck with the his own convictions against all the odds is truly inspiring.

His latest book ‘The Russian Affair’ is an extraordinary account of the love affair and marriage between Vitaly Stepanov an anti doping official and Yuliya Rusanova who was a Russian 800 metre who was herself doping for many years.

We cover so much wonderful ground in this podcast as David talks about the ‘Art of Writing’ and how he personally set about developing his own personal craft.

There are many parallels with this and developing your own game or business.

The need to immerse yourself in your own development

How surrounding yourself with the right people to gain the right knowledge is paramount.

David talks candidly about following in the footsteps of legendary sports writer Hugh McIlveney

We look at the golfers who have impressed David over the years and he gives a very interesting take on the concept of ‘heroes’.

You will really enjoy and benefit from your time with David Walsh

Have a look at David’s books

The Russian Affair and

Seven Deadly Sins

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