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Sep 5, 2019

Really excited to introduce to you today Chris Riddoch

We spend so much time debating the ins and outs of golf technique

One coach says one thing, another something completely different.

All well and good


How do you actually turn information into movement?

What is the best way and the worst way to try to learn to swing better?

What effects does imagery have on movement?

What is the most effective way to develop SKILL?

What does the science say about motor learning?

Today’s guest will explain all

Chris Riddoch is a sport scientist who has been a teacher, coach, and researcher for more than 30 years. He worked at the universities of Bath, Bristol, Middlesex, and Queen's (Belfast) and has degrees in Physical Education and Sports Science. He has a PhD in Sports Physiology. Over his career he has published more than 200 research articles on sport and exercise science.

Chris was a scratch golfer at age 17 and represented his club, county (Cheshire), college (Borough Road) and country (England). He is a trained Physical Educator specialising in motor skill development, and has had a special interest in the science of improving the golf swing.

He has written four books

Winning at Sport

The Golf Swing

Expert Putting

The Rule Free Golf Swing

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