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Feb 4, 2022

Today we have an extra special guest on the Brain Booster with author and spiritual teacher Rupert Spira.

He is the author of numerous books including ‘Being Myself’ and ‘Being aware of being aware’

As a spiritual teacher he explores the concepts of ‘Non Duality’ and the ‘Direct Path’ to experience.

He travels worldwide hosting retreats and teachings around the nature of being and experience.

Today on the Brain Booster we explore many of the illusions surrounding happiness.

We look deeply at what will ACTUALLY make us happy in sport and in life itself.

Why there is a myth to the idea that winning or acquisition can make us truly happy and fulfilled in the long term.

Why so many people achieve great results yet often they then feel a sense of disillusion.

How the quest of acquisition can actually precipitate a crisis when we achieve our goals but yet still feel lost in the search for happiness and contentment.

What DOES make us truly happy?

How can we connect with our ESSENTIAL being?

Rupert Spira has spent most of his life contemplating these questions and in that search has spent time and studied the texts of some of the world’s great spiritual teachers such as Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi and Francis Lucille

In our time together we discussed

Why sport can reveal so much to us from a spiritual perspective

How to be happy BEFORE results happen instead of being dependent on them and so vulnerable to poor outcomes

How we can fit a spiritual enquiry alongside goals and ambitions

What is ACTUALLY happening to us when we score a goal, win a tournament and achieve ‘success’.

It is not what we think.

How truly great sports men and women seem to channel a special energy and how observing great play actually lifts us all

How opponents can actually be a wonderful assistance in revealing the best version of ourselves on the course

What to do on a practical level to make your experience of your game a deeper and more fulfilling one.

I had such a wonderful time speaking to Rupert and it became clear why he has such a following worldwide of people to find out more about the ‘direct path’ to happiness

To find out more about Rupert

His books and his seminars and retreats go to

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