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May 1, 2020

It is wonderful today to welcome to the Brain Booster Tony Bennett.

Tony has spent his life steeped in the game of golf and most recently as the President of EDGA

The European Disabled Golf Association

It is a wonderfully inspiring story of the development of the association.

The fundamental of the association is ‘Golfer First’

In the sense that the disabled golfers are first and foremost viewed as golfers.


Yet they may have a disability but fundamentally they are involved in playing the game of golf

Many lives have been transformed as a result of the work of the EDGA


How lives can be changed in an instant as a result of a tragic accident or a doctor’s diagnosis yet golf CAN become a sanctuary of hope and development.


Tony articulated this wonderfully well and the tremendous rewards that can be gained from being involved with EDGA as a coach.


We also dive into performance


The distinct difference between coaching and ‘teaching’


Tony’s father is Howard Bennett who played an incredibly important role in the development of elite golf in Ireland

At 82 years of age he still has a tremendous thirst for golfing knowledge.


Both Tony and Howard spent a lot of time with Sir Henry Cotton


We get chance to discuss what a visionary Mr Cotton was and how he would now be viewed as a PERFORMANCE coach.


A great episode that you will gain both learning and inspiration from.



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