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Sep 18, 2018

Have you heard of Moe Norman?

Some of you listening will say a resounding YES whilst the vast majority will probably have never heard of him.

This is a tragedy!!

Moe Norman was by all accounts one of the greatest ball strikers of ALL time in golf.

Yet to many his legacy remains a mystery.


Well hopefully we can do something about that on the Brain Booster

We have with us today Tim O’Connor who is a performance coach in Canada as well as being a very esteemed author.

He wrote the wonderful book

‘The Feeling of Greatness’

The life of Moe Norman

Tim got to spend time with Moe

To learn about the man himself not just the stories surrounding him

He became a close confidant of Moe

Very few people ever got into that category

He describes with wonderful candour and humour his first meeting with Moe and straight from the word go how Moe dazzled him with his stunning ball striking abilities

We then talk about Moe and his life

The very humble beginnings

The search for his own identity

How golf gave him a ‘safe place’ to express himself

To find out just how good he could become

How Moe developed his own unique style is a wonderful example of ‘finding YOUR way’

How Moe never gained the respect he deserved

The at times heart wrenching truth about how he struggled to be accepted into the mainstream

How it would be so different today with our understanding of how people process the world differently

It is important to keep the legacy of Moe alive

Listen to today’s show and then if you can spread the word about Moe


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