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Dec 16, 2022

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This episode: Calming the mind through SIMPLICITY

It is a wonderful pleasure to welcome back onto the Brain Booster long term Mind Factor client and DP World Tour star Ryan Fox.

Ryan has had a truly outstanding season finishing 2nd to Rory Mcillroy in the Order of Merit, securing two wins including The Dunhill Links championship at St Andrews as well as 8 other top 10 finishes

He has gone from being outside the top 200 in the world rankings to now being inside the Top 30 and eligible for all of next year’s Major Championships.

Ryan has worked systematically on his mental game for the past four years. We speak every week to stay on track.

In today’s session we talk about those key strategies that have unlocked Ryan’s ability to ACCESS his true skills.

  • Why simplicity is the gateway to a CALM state of mind
  • How the calm state of mind allows the brain to communicate better to the body
  • The joy of CREATING shots
  • Being immersed in the GOLF COURSE and why that is so important
  • The ability to DEAL with and ACCEPT any outcome on the course
  • Understanding the true nature of the game and why it is so important to develop a perspective that allows you to deal with the chaos the game throws at you
  • The need to work with coaches that keep you on track with understanding your tendencies
  • Why trying to copy ‘the greats’ may not be the best strategy

Ryan also discussed how he felt the late, great Shane Warne was actually ‘with him’ walking the fairways of St Andrews on his way to winning the Dunhill Links championship

A really great insight into the mind of a top player and proven tour winner

To get a copy of the new ‘Neuro Putting’ program with Dr Izzy Justice and Karl Morris go to