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Dec 11, 2018


Tremendous to have as our guest today a true expert in the field of coaching and development. A wonderfully honest and open session sharing ideas from a 25 year career in coaching.

Stuart Armstrong is the Head of Coaching for Sport England. Prior to Sport England, he was the Player Development Manager for the Rugby Football Union. He is one of the world’s top experts on player development pathways and skill acquisition, and has helped thousands of coaches in the UK create better learning environments and develop deeper relationships with their players.

His sports coaching experience is in golf, cricket, field hockey, rugby, and soccer. He leverages the knowledge gained from the various sports he has coached to help create multi-sport, player-focused training programs that assist athletes in not only developing sold skill foundations but great off-field skills to help them succeed in life.


In a fantastic wide ranging podcast we talk about


The dangers and pitfalls of using drills in coaching and how a coach can become addicted to this form of coaching.


How effective coaching encourages ‘Problem Solving’ so the learner is engaged and takes ownership of the process


How and why fun and engagement are vital to long term development


Don’t let the learning get in the way of fun


The best way to use constraints led coaching


How to explore and learn without being overburdened by technical instruction


How the INTENTION of the coach is vital to understand and implement


The best way to balance the need for results with the way to learn


How to develop true confidence as a coach.


How to develop yourself as a coach – a pathway to excellence

The need to understand human behaviour and motivation

Balancing the technical with the mental approach


You will be challenged by this podcast to think about the way you go about learning coaching and development.

You will question your own methods and approach.


To find out more about Stuart go to