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Aug 27, 2021

It is exciting to announce that we have just finished the final book in the ‘Lost Art’ trilogy.

The Lost Art of the Short Game will be available in the autumn so it seemed a really good idea to get back onto the Brain Booster fellow author Gary Nicol.

Gary has a wealth of experience in coaching from his time on the European Tour working with some of the best players in the world to his current position of coaching from one of the most beautiful golfing locations on earth Archerfield in Scotland

We have both been greatly touched by the feedback we have received from the two previous books, The Lost Art of Putting and the Lost Art of Playing golf.

It seems we have been able to connect a number of golfers back to the source of the joy of creating shots and putts.

Creating shots and putts in YOUR way as opposed to a prescribed method engineered by someone else.

On today’s show we dive a bit deeper into all things Lost Art

What have we actually LOST?

More importantly how do we FIND it again?

How we lost connection with the real heart and soul of the game

Looking more specifically at the SHORT GAME

We had the great honour to have the legend of wedges Bob Vokey write the introduction for us to the book.

He stressed the importance of knowing what the club in your hand is meant to do and HOW to use it.

Gary describes this perfectly

This simple understanding will make a BIG difference in your ability to go out and CREATE some great short game shots

We look into the role of imagination

The often over looked aspect of the game

A great session with Gary his wisdom and practical common sense always shine through in his words

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