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Jul 23, 2020

Five minutes to Gratitude.

We have talked in the past on the Brain Booster about GRATITUDE.

In the book I co wrote with Gary Nicol, ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’ we began the first chapter with a piece about the effects of gratitude.

It would seem to be really clear the evidence suggests Gratitude is good for both you and your game.

The response to the book has been amazing so I wanted to look at gratitude a bit more closely.

So today we have coach Waleuska Lazo.

Waleuska Lazo is the creator and founder of FMTG. Five Minutes to Gratitude.

To the outside world, Waleuska had it all: A successful career, a loving family, and her health. For Waleuska her life was miserable. Having lost her marriage, sense of purpose, and on the verge of losing the relationships with her daughters, Waleuska knew there had to be a better way.

Waleuska created a system that took her from her lowest of lows to live the life of her dreams. Easier said than done. Waleuska failed her way forward to find out what works, and as important, what doesn’t work.

The end results?

Five minutes to Gratitude

When word spread of Waleuska’s “miraculous” results, she found herself sharing her FMTG experience with close friends.

Today, FMTG is a thriving community of people from around the world who have transformed their lives for the better.


It was a really interesting talk with Waleuska and her insights can only be of benefit to your golf but more importantly to your life. To be grateful is to create a condition that ALLOWS success to emerge.


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