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May 28, 2021

Today on the Brain Booster we are joined by one of the world’s greatest sports photographers Dave Cannon. To pay tribute to the legendary Seve Ballesteros.

Dave has produced a masterpiece of a book called ‘Seve – His life through the lens’ containing some of the most wonderfully iconic pictures of the great man.

From his early days in Perdrena, Spain through a wonderful career on the European and PGA Tour to the tragic loss of his life ten years ago to the ravages of brain cancer.

Perhaps the single most iconic golf picture of all time, the ‘matador pose’ as Seve holed the winning putt on the final green at St Andrews in 1984 was taken by Dave Cannon. He shares his anxiety of wondering if he had ‘got’ the picture in the pre digital technology days of rolls of film and dark room development.

We get to look back on Dave’s amazing career and how almost by accident he became a great sports photographer.

The people who helped him along the way. The building of his skill and his craft.

So many parallels to building skill in your own game or your own business.

The link with his own golf and then ultimately to the great friendship he developed with Seve Ballesteros over many glorious years.

We discuss a very moving story of Dave spending a day photographing Seve on the beach at his home in Pedrena.

Going back to the place where it all began.

Learning to play the game with a rusty old 3 iron on the beach in Northern Spain

The sheer delight Seve had recreating those iconic moments as he made his own ‘golf world’, of self made holes and flags on the windswept beach.

It is a moving, funny and sad story all at the same time as we ponder the cruel way he was taken from us at such an early age.

As we have said before on the Brain Booster reminding us all of our mortality and the absolute precious nature of time and opportunity.

How much of a dedicated family man Seve was and how he loved to spend time with his own children. His radiant smile was never to be forgotten and his legacy to the game of golf will stand for all time.

It is important to keep the memory alive for the current generation to understand just what an influence he was.

The book is literally a work of art.

Seve – His life through the lens.

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