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Apr 7, 2020

On the Brain Booster today we have a wonderful guest in the shape of Nick O’Hern.

Nick played successfully on both the European and PGA Tours. And during that time amongst many great achievements he beat Tiger Woods TWICE in matchplay, when Woods was at the peak of his powers and totally dominant in the game of golf.

One of the times Nick beat Tiger he had just come of SEVEN straight tournament victories.

The way he describes his mindset to achieve this is absolute gold dust.

From an early age Nick was heavily involved in many sports but eventually focused totally on the game. By his own admission he didn’t have a great amateur career by modern standards. When he became a trainee professional he had a handicap of 4.

Everything changed when he finally came to write out a CLEAR PLAN. He gave himself a time deadline. He looked very closely at all aspects of the game swing, fitness, diet and as he says most importantly the mental game.

He put in place a very clear structure to work on his mind. We got the chance to discuss the 90%

90% of golf is not actually golf!

Yet what do you do in that time?

How many rounds have been destroyed not so much by bad shots but your REACTIONS to those bad shots?

How Nick would turn up to a tournament and ‘find a way’ to get the ball around the golf course. He describes how to be mentally resilient.

We discuss how he built an effective routine.

More importantly Nick discusses how he worked with Mindfulness on a consistent and structured basis to improve his mental game.

The importance of having people who you can feedback to and be accountable to.

How Nick always asked the very best players such as Jack Nicklaus and Peter Thompson how they went about THEIR way to play the game.

We talk about the importance of learning how to ‘par the last 4 holes of your golf course’

How to reconnect with CREATIVITY. Going back to the Art of scoring.

A truly inspirational session with a player and coach who has an art of getting the best from both himself and other players.

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