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Dec 5, 2019

The goal of golf is to score as low as possible.

The purpose of golf is for you alone to decide.

Today on the Brain Booster we have a special guest in Sky Sports Nick Dougherty

We had a real honest discussion in which Nick shared some insights from his own playing and broadcasting experiences.

We start with the biggest win of his playing career the Dunhill Links Championship at St Andrews

We look into the reasons why and how he won

We talk about how nervous he was going into the final round but how he managed to get the job done with a wonderful piece of advice from his personal trainer

The message is clear – great players don’t feel comfortable

They understand that to fulfil your potential you need to have a different relationship to discomfort

This part of the conversation is so valuable to any player at any level

From the highs of a great win we talk about the lows of losing his game

The daily struggle

The tragic premature death of his Mum

The effect that had on Nick’s perspective

The lessons he has now learned about what he would do differently

Amongst many other topics we discuss

How golf should be something you DO as opposed to something you ARE

How the ego can be taken to some dark places if we buy into the ‘hype’ of the game

The need to play YOUR game for the right reasons

We discuss the role Nick Faldo played in his development

A part of Nick Faldo that few people know or understand

How the game eventually got Nick Dougherty to the point he didn’t want to play anymore

The role of parents in developing happy golfers

Golfers that will stay with the game

A great insight from Nick how his own relationship with his father was lost then from a letter was found again

What role golf can play in a balanced life

Nick was so honest and so open. You cannot fail to gain some real insights that you will be able to apply to so much more than just you game.

These are lessons in Life

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