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Apr 23, 2020

How SuperSpeed golf can improve your distance in your own back garden

Today we are joined on the Brain Booster by Matt Masters from SuperSpeed golf. Matt is a PGA Professional and Certified Mind Factor coach.

Whilst most of us are in this lockdown period and really wanting to be back out on the course I wanted to bring Matt on to the show to explain what you CAN still do in your own home to gain extra distance once you get back on to the fairways.

The key principle of the Mind Factor still applies in the sense of finding ways to get the best out of the 24 hours in front of you even in the most challenging of situations.

How CAN I still improve my game?

This at the moment is a far better question than ‘When are we going to play again?’

The first question you have 100% control over the second you have ZERO control.

SuperSpeed golf training has been taking the golf world by storm over the past few years with so many top players using the product and gaining incredible results.

It is a science based protocol that involves a specific number of reps every other day.

There is a clear and sequenced progression that you follow.

More importantly this can be done in your own home.

The idea behind SuperSpeed golf comes from extensive research and alignments with other sports such as baseball in terms of speed training.

From a Mind Factor perspective, I also found many of Matt’s ideas and thoughts intriguing.

Ideas that can be of benefit not just in terms of increasing club head speed but the freedom with which you play the game.

When you embark on the SuperSpeed training you create a THOUGHT free flow of motion.

You just LET GO

You experience a great sequence in your swing as you are not trying to ‘place’ the club in various positions.

I know you are going to gain a lot from spending time with Matt as we cover a lot of fascinating ground concerning game improvement.

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