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Sep 19, 2019

We have a wonderful show lined up today with Martin Hall

You will have doubtless seen Martin on his show on the Golf Channel

He is a brilliant instructor who has coached successfully at all levels of the game

The players and coaches he has spent time with read like a who’s who of the golfing greats

I had a fantastic time talking with Martin as he is a wonderful storyteller

His passion to still improve his own coaching burns brightly

We discuss amongst other things:

How Tiger warms up to play

How he focuses on SHOTS

His thoughts on putting

How he is a FEEL player

How he is absorbed in PROCESS when he is at his best

The thoughts of Jack Nicklaus about swing positioning and how NOT to be bogged down in technical thinking

The time Martin spent with Rory and how HE is chasing even better golf next year

Martins thoughts on becoming a better coach

His opinion on technology

What great coaching will look like in the future

What Martin had to do to deal with being a presenter on the Golf Channel

The uncertainty

The newness

Pushing his own boundaries of what he thought possible

What Martin considers to be THE single most important golf question

Really great information

There are nuggets of gold in this podcast


More about Martin Hall - here