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May 7, 2020

Luke Sutton played professional cricket for over 15 years at the highest level for both Derbyshire and Lancashire. In that time he waged a battle against alcoholism, depression and anxiety.


On the face of it as he performed well season after season all was well but as he details in his brilliant new book ‘Back from the Edge’ he was fighting a losing battle.


As we discuss in today’s show were in not for a chance meeting at Euston station with his former County captain Glen Chapple his life may well have spiralled totally out of control.

Luke was sat in the station drinking and was so overcome with anxiety he couldn’t board the train.


The chance meeting with Chapple resulted in him beginning the process of getting himself back on track.


He spent time in the Priory where we discuss the incredible work done by the therapists there.


In our time together we discuss


The pressure of professional sport and how the relentless drive for success can really affect certain individuals


How it is so easy to miss out on the experiences you are having NOW in the drive to always be somewhere else


How the dependency on alcohol was being drowned out by the ‘work hard play hard’ culture in cricket


How he hit rock bottom and the effect on his family


The inspiring way he fought back to now run a successful management company


The understanding of the need to be absorbed in what you are doing NOW


Taking real joy from the simple pleasures of life


A truly inspiring conversation that is so relevant to our current situation and the need to look after our mental health and well being



Luke is available on Twitter @luke_sutts 


His book is called ‘Back from the Edge’ available at


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