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Feb 26, 2019

Great to have Kendal Mcwade back on the Brain Booster to talk about the ‘Golf Hammer’and how a change in concept of the tool in your hand can make such a difference to your game.

Kendal is a pioneer in the search for SKILL ACQUISITION and has spent his life exploring HOW we learn.

He is a great example of a master of the coaching craft.

In today’s show we discuss how Kendal was practicing one day trying to play different shots. Deliberate  heel shanks and deliberate toe shanks and how this led to him turning the club around into a ‘hammer’.

With the ‘hammer’ you get a different sense of where the club is and what it is supposed to do.

To be good at the game of golf you have to be able to direct the tool in your hand (club) to move in a certain direction

You have to apply the force of a club in a certain way to create a certain shot.

Most golfers are totally disconnected from the tool in their hands as they obsess about all of the movement their body is making.

How the clarity of the task will change the movements you make.

In many ways today’s session is all about personal discovery and getting in touch with the authentic swing that resides in us all.

Kendal will really get you to think about your approach to the game and the way you are currently trying to acquire skills.

To get better at anything you have to be present to your experience and Kendal will explain how our attention is often in any place other than where it needs to be.

Kendal discusses the words of Paul McGinley and how face awareness can allow you to perform in the most intense of pressure situations.

You cannot help but be drawn in to Kendal’s passion for the game and helping people discover the best way to learn.

You will see how you have interfered with your own learning in the past and more importantly what you can do in the future.

How you can set up better for the ‘task’ at hand.

Simple adjustments that make a HUGE difference

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