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Jun 11, 2020

Today on the Brain Booster we have with us Jake Hutt from Stanford GC. Take a look at what Jake is doing on Instagram. It is refreshingly different as he combines golf coaching with psychology, philosophy and music. (This is a revised version of the Podcast, sorry about the technical quality to the start of the show this week, thanks for your feedback)

Yes music!

You need to take a look to find out what I mean!

We get the chance today to really look at a great story of a coach evolving.

How Jake went from a hockey player to a ‘natural’ golfer to then someone who was drowning in the technicalities of the golf swing.

We talk about the frustrations of trying to take your swing ‘changes’ onto the golf course.

How he tried everything to do this only to run up against brick wall after brick wall.

How actually filming your swing ON COURSE can reveal so much about your actual tendencies.

The only tendencies that really matter are the ones you display when the golf course has an effect on the way you feel.


We then look at Jake’s view on some existing cultural beliefs about the game.

How you should ALWAYS aim at small targets?

Should you?

Does that work for everyone?

How would it be if you didn’t line up to anything?

Wow that would be really too far out!!

But what if you gave it a try?

What happens if you just aim at the GREEN and not the pin?

Again so much of what we talk about today is totally counterintuitive.

But could it work for you?

How music helps Jake with his creative mind.

How music can really get you to REMEMBER in a unique way.

As I said a refreshingly different approach by a refreshingly engaging young coach who is prepared to step away from orthodoxy and is also prepared to keep learning and asking valuable questions.

Enjoy the show

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