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Feb 10, 2023

How you can LEARN to LEARN like Tiger Woods – Peter Arnott


Today we welcome back onto the Brain Booster Peter Arnott.

Peter has been a previous guest on the show and in this session we get to discuss his fantastic new book called ‘Swing it like Tiger’ which he wrote in partnership with Ian Renshaw who is an expert on skill acquisition


As Peter informs us the title of the book is deliberately misleading to some people who do actually want to swing the club like Tiger Woods.

When in fact Tiger has had multiple swings and indeed on every shot he plays he will adapt his swing in that particular moment to the very task he has before him.

The book is very much about how you can LEARN to LEARN like Tiger

  • How to TRAIN more effectively like Tiger
  • We look in detail at how Tiger learned how to develop his game
  • How the environment he and Earl created together was so rich in learning opportunity
  • Steve Williams who was Tiger’s caddie for many years talked about how Tiger practiced differently from all of the other players he had worked with including Greg Norman and Raymond Floyd
  • He challenged himself constantly with the QUALITY of his practice
  • The challenges, the games
  • Human beings are not designed to replicate movement precisely
  • We are far better at ADAPTING to the challenge presented to us in any given moment
  • We talk about the need for variability in your training environment
  • How trying to go with ‘one shape’ can actually be very detrimental and what to do to bring your game back into balance
  • How you can create your own PAR to suit your game instead of making poor decisions based on existing ‘par’
  • How elite golfers can make their own course more difficult to make their training more effective
  • Seeing the golf course as an opportunity to be creative
  • How to make your training come alive in a RICH environment
  • Find out what you REALLY want from the game and then tailor your training more effectively
  • How our environment will ALWAYS effect the way you move and what you need to do about it

A great session with a really well researched and well informed coach


Peter is a performance and practice golf coach based at Swanston Golf Academy in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has a masters degree in skill acquisition and motor learning interviewing 7 top European Tour Players (+£15 Million won on Tour) on their development towards excellence.

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