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Dec 20, 2022

Developing your own ‘CHOKE’ shot

Today we are joined on the Brain Booster by a special guest in the shape of two time PGA Tour winner Rick Fehr

Rick played on the US Walker Cup team at Hoylake in 1983 with the likes of Brad Faxon and Willie Wood. As an amateur he played in both the US Open and the Masters.

We got the chance to discuss how he developed his game in the early days by spending so much time ON the GOLF COURSE with an absence of too much ‘conventional’ coaching.

Rick is now one of the top coaches in the USA bringing his wealth of playing knowledge with an incredible breadth of coaching experience.

So much of golf is about getting the best out of what you have TODAY be that your B or C game. Rick has a really refreshing take on how to do that. Being able to find a way to get the job DONE.

  • How he developed his golfing SKILLS
  • The correlation of cause and effect
  • Developing TRUST in the feels in his swing
  • Falling in love with the challenge of golf
  • The vulnerability of tour players and how easy it is to fall into the trap of taking on too much advice
  • Changing a pattern that works
  • The dangers in the game today of producing ‘laboratory golfers’
  • The need to develop a ‘choke’ shot. The ability to FIND the golf course when you are feeling much less than your best
  • Why you should have the courage to ‘shape’ your shots in your training.
  • How SIMPLICITY is so under valued.
  • When are you going to be DONE with your golf swing?
  • The limitations of on course analytics and how we need to factor in the ‘human effect’
  • Why do we make putting SO complicated and what to do about it

A really great session with a very experienced player and coach. His thoughts will have a BIG impact on your game

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