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May 7, 2019


Today we are joined by one of the most forward thinking coaches in the UK Oli Morton. Oli is based up at the wonderful Archerfield Links where I have spent many happy days myself.

We discuss his own evolution as a golf coach and his developing interest in the holistic approach to the game.

Oli has been heavily influenced by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriot at Vision 54 and his own sense of what could be possible in the future shines through his approach to coaching.

Oli uses the GEARS system up at Archerfield which is state of the art analysis of how your body is moving during the golf swing.

If you get the chance to go to Archerfield then visiting Oli is a MUST

Are you trying to make moves in your swing that your body just cannot support?

Are you really aware of your own movement patterns?

What are some of the most ineffective movement patterns that will hold back your game?

Where do you need to have your attention in your swing to get the best out of your practice time?

Is it better to make changes in your game with an IMPLICIT approach? In effect you get change without trying to consciously make changes

Why Oli believes that we should not have swing ‘thoughts’ but swing ‘feels’

The need to get out on the golf course to train effectively

What does a really good training session look like?

What are the future developments for a great coach to embrace?

We had a really wide ranging and fun chat and I am sure you will really benefit from spending this quality time with Oli

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