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Jun 4, 2020

Who doesn’t want to hit it further?

Who doesn’t want to generate more club head speed?

One of the great thrills of the game is to really pump a long drive.

The thrill of seeing the ball explode of the club face.

What are the chances of you hitting it further even in your fifties and sixties?

Is that possible?

In the quest for distance how much will you compromise your accuracy?

What are the best ways to TRAIN yourself to generate more speed?

Today with have with us a brilliant guest from the USA.

Mike Romatowski who has created Mach 3 Golf Speed Training

We got the chance to have a great conversation.

Mike has some great concepts to consider if your quest is more distance and FREEDOM in your swing.

The key word though is EFFICIENCY

Are you creating efficient movement?

Mike tells us most people could generate at least another 8mph club speed just by changing the CONCEPT of what they are doing in the swing.

As I have said many times before we don’t change golf swings unless we change our concepts.

As we get into your conversation we have some interesting parallels with the work of Fred Shoemaker and his examples of what happens when golfers THROW a club as opposed to stalling at impact.

Mike talks about DUMPING your energy in the wrong place.

We also get the chance to look at what Mike believes are the best way to TRAIN for speed.

He has some very new ideas on some old principles

He works a lot with ROPES

You have to see the videos of his students doing this.

We also look into some training myths that can HURT us

The concept of no pain no gain

Pushing yourself to the limit

What do we ACTUALLY need to do?


A great session which you will gain a LOT from


For details of Mike’s work go to


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