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Feb 16, 2018

On today’s show we have Paul Eales who is a member of a very exclusive club.

Only a handful of professionals have won an all three of the main European Tours

The Challenge Tour, The European Tour and the Senior European Tour.

To have achieved such a feat shows a man who has a game and a mindset that has stood the test of time.

Paul played on the European Tour with some of the true legends of the game such as Seve Ballesteros, Sandy Lyle, Nick Faldo and Bernhard Langer.

In this fascinating show Paul gives an inside the ropes view on what made these players so great.

We also look at the effect of his early environment, having the opportunity to play each day as a young professional at Royal Lytham and St Annes

We discuss how Paul at times struggles with his game when he went too far down the technical route and how his game was salvaged by understanding a more instinctive way to play under the guidance of a previous podcast guest Kendal McWade.

We look at the game today and some of the mistakes that many young players fall into the trap of.

We look at technology and how it can either be a wonderful assistance or a curse to your game.

Paul talks with great candour about some of his own struggles and then how Senior golf has rejuvenated his appetite for the game.

For anyone listening to this who is past the age of forty you will be inspired by this story and how keeping an open mind and setting yourself a clear direction is such an important part of living a meaningful life

How Paul feels he is playing the best golf of his life due to more awareness and control of the club

How he STILL feels he can get even better

How the passion for learning is a strong if not stronger than ever

How he would have done things differently on the European Tour given the chance to go back

We discuss the vital role and effect of environment and how YOU as an individual need at times to make some TOUGH decisions and more importantly take OWNERSHIP of your life and your learning

How groups tend to succeed or fail TOGETHER

Really getting to understand WHY you play the game

What kind of game do YOU want to play?

How Paul changed his view on HOW to learn and the need to experience ‘failure’ to make progress. By experiencing what happens when the ball goes off line and really looking at that experience the opportunity for GROWTH occurs

The great Seve Ballesteros and a close up experience of true genius

Playing with the legends of the game Faldo, Els, Langer, Lyle and Woosnam

How to use technology, the essential do’s and don’ts

How coaching can lead you down the wrong path and the essential need to take ownership of your game

The difference between having a good looking swing and a skilful swing

A skill is when you can control the golf ball

The need to get out and PLAY to learn

How a lesson with Paul Eales would now be very different

The essential difference between coaching and teaching

Learning through exploration


A fascinating insight from a man who has played the game at the highest level for the best part three decades.

A close up view from inside the ropes

Enjoy and learn