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Sep 2, 2022

How Emotions will dictate the quality of your game

Today on the Brain Booster we are joined by performance coach from Canada Kent Osborne and we got the chance to discuss the role of EMOTION in the way you perform on the golf course or in any endeavour for that matter.


In his business life Kent has been a pioneer in the executive coaching field, and his experience helping professional athletes and corporate leaders improve their inner game revealed this truth: When it comes to personal performance, feelings are as powerful as thoughts. Or, to put it differently, you can’t think positive when you feel negative. 


Applying insights from his coaching experience to golf — insights culled from the relatively new discipline of emotional intelligence that worked so well Kent was inspired to write a book so other golfers could benefit.  


The Golfer Who Developed A Scratch Attitude is a fiction about an avid golfer who habitually lets frustration diminish his ability and derail his most promising rounds. In the story, he finds a mentor who teaches him how to 

— feel good after a good shot  

— feel great after a great shot  

— feel calm after a bad swing or a bad break 

Your best golf requires an artful combination of  physicalmental, and emotional skill. Kent does not suggest that grounding your game in positive feelings will magically fix the flaws in your swing or automatically enable you to make decisions like a Tour caddy. He simply says what every golfer knows from personal experience  — golf’s a hard game, and it becomes even harder when you’re restricted by negative emotion. 


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