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Jul 7, 2023

How to CENTRE Mind and Body to free up your performance 

Today we welcome back onto the Brain Booster a good friend of the show Jayne Storey

Jayne has been a pioneer in the field of bringing ancient martial arts wisdom into the modern world of performance sport

She is someone who actually embodies and practices herself all of the concepts she teaches

We get to talk about some of the origins of martial arts as they emerged from India and the practice of Kalari

The relationship between INTENTION and ACTION and how conscious intervention can be so damaging for our touch and feel on the greens

How the analytical mind does NOT play good golf

How the mind is being force fed with SO much technical information which stops us holing putts on the golf course

How the Martial arts can provide some balance with this issue

The fundamentals of ACTUAL movement

Why a ‘busy’ mind shouldn’t be overloaded with more ‘mental game’ tools

Did the great Jack Nicklaus have a TOUGH mind or a QUIET mind?

How the line and pace will REVEAL itself from a mind that is quiet

The importance of a DAILY practice

How ‘self observation’ can be so transformative and allows you to understand the repetitive nature of the mind


How movement emerges from the ground

Rooted in the feet, moves through the waist and expressed with the hands. The essential nature of BALANCE

Why you shouldn’t try to putt from the shoulders

How movement emerges from the ‘dantien’

Jayne Storey, Movement and Performance Coach is the founder of Chi Performance.

Her background includes 35 years training and teaching in the Eastern arts, including formal Buddhist meditation and the Taoist arts of chi kung and tai chi which she has streamlined into a PERFORMANCE PRACTICE helping those who love sport and the arts, to perform under pressure.

Jayne is the author of several books including Breathe Golf; The Missing Link to a Winning Performance and The Practice of High-Performance; 10 Essential Keys to Mastering Pressure.

She has been featured on BBC Television and Radio, The Sunday Times and in a number of golf and other publications including Women’s Golf Journal, Golf International, Atlantic Golf and Lifestyle, Kingdom, Sports Coach, Cosmopolitan and Zest.

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