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Mar 11, 2022

Really excited to bring you todays show as we have with us Will Robins

Will owns and operates WRGolf Coaching based in Sacramento County, CA and is the CEO of Robins Golf Logistix (RGX), a consulting company that mentors instructors on coaching programs. 

Through RGX, Will trains over 80 coaches worldwide on how to implement programs that accelerate and guarantee results for their students while doubling their teaching / coaching revenue.

A native of the United Kingdom, Will came to the United States to play college golf in Monterey, California, after graduation with his BBA in Marketing and Management from Northwood University in Florida in 2000.

Will played on the mini tours around America before sustaining injuries in the 2004 Thailand Tsunami while on his honeymoon with his wife, Amanda.

These injuries led Will to coach the game of golf and Will quickly understood most of his students came to him not enjoying the game and overthinking to the point of frustration.

Will took his playing skills and life-changing experience to create an instructional program that would guarantee players results and inspire them to love the game of golf again.

We got the chance to discuss:

How the Tsunami changed everything

Literally on the brink of death Will said:

‘I am going to die FIGHTING’

His story is compelling

Fighting back from disaster

The route to a new career


Looking at coaching from a different perspective


As Will says:

‘You don’t have a golf swing problem you have a tension problem’

How lowering expectations can massively reduce TENSION

Having FUN on the golf course PLAYING the game of golf

How destructive the search for swing perfection is and more importantly what to do about it

Will has been brave enough to coach from a completely different perspective

An inspiration to us all

Enjoy the session

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