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Apr 26, 2019


In today’s show we get the chance to spend time with Misha Botting.

Misha is a Sports Psychologist who has coached the GB Olympic Curling Team.

His insights are absolutely brilliant and apply to ALL sports.

Misha has led an extraordinary life from being a ballet dancer to a great coach.


We have both been asked to contribute to a wonderful book called ‘Mindful Heroes’ and in our time together we discuss how the ideas and concepts within Mindfulness have played such a key role in Misha’s life.

From his own experience of a particularly turbulent part of his own life to the application with his own students.


We look into the concept of ‘positive thinking’ and how this can actually be VERY detrimental.


How the standard psychology model of CBT can leave many athletes struggling with a mind that becomes extremely busy.


With Mindfulness we are not trying to change or replace thoughts but to have a different relationship to the thoughts we do have.

We are not then fighting our own self.


There are SO many similarities with Curling and Golf

How you have to be able to deal with uncomfortable feelings and yet still be able to put your attention in the right place to get the job done.


We talk about how you can feel really uncomfortable at times in your sport but how with a mindful approach you can come back to the task at hand.

How you can develop the capability to ‘check in with the breath’

The simple idea of being able to come back to a place where great sport is played

The PRESENT moment


The great idea that Misha presents today is the concept that you can and DO need to practice this in ALL areas of your life.

In the car, at the gym, waiting in line, all of these ‘mundane’ areas have the potential to be opportunities to practice your mindful awareness

Don’t just expect to be able to be mindful and present when you perform

This has to be a DAILY ritual.


I really enjoyed my time with Misha and his really resonated with so many of my own.

You will greatly benefit from our time together.


To find out more about Misha and his work look him up on Twitter @mishabotting


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