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May 23, 2019

Reflections of a great trip to China to host Mind Factor training for Chinese coaches.

Whilst in China I had one of the key Mind Factor concepts massively reinforced. As I was walking through the streets in Beijing going towards the training academy I saw a number of people in a park making beautiful swirling movements. They seemed totally and completely engrossed in what they were doing.

Deeply engaged in their daily ritual of Tai Chi.

If you haven’t seen anyone doing Tai Chi it really is the most beautiful of activities.

Yet as I stood and watched it reminded me that this wasn’t something these people did now and again it was a DAILY RITUAL.

Not a new fad or fancy but a lifetime commitment to what they deemed beneficial to their lives.

They had decided that Tai Chi for them was what made up part of a ‘Good Day’

‘What does a GOOD day look like for YOU?’

Maybe this is one of the most profound questions we can as humans ever ask.

What does a good day look like doesn’t mean that we indulge just in hedonistic self absorbed activity.

What makes a good day doesn’t always involve what we find pleasurable in this moment.

It may be a struggle to get the work done that you KNOW you need to do.

It may be the training you do in the gym.

It is the walk you decide to take

It is the food you decide to eat or maybe more importantly the food you decide NOT to eat

The ability to stay on track

Staying on the path of mastery

Trying to master something you will never master

The state of mind that keep going with your daily rituals

The paradox of breakthrough

When you focus on today you get the opportunity for two kinds of breakthrough

The joy of being absorbed in what you are doing today

The conditions you create that ALLOW the bigger win further down the line

The importance of beginning and ending

How it is vital to start the day well and to end the day well

What do YOU do at the start and the finish of each day?

Are you giving yourself the best possible chance to create your GOOD DAY?

A real good look at the importance of your DAILY RITUALS

Make the day a GOOD one

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