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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches.  Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen.

Dec 3, 2020

One of the most popular podcasts we have done in the past few years was the session with Adam Young.

So I thought it was high time I had him back again to share more of his great insights into how he approaches his own coaching.

We had a wonderful conversation.

Full of first hand ‘at the coal face’ real world experience.

Amongst many other things we talked about ‘QUICK FIXES’

And the proposal that a quick fix could be more permanent.

How could this be possible?

Does it not go against all we ‘know’ about game improvement?

Adam describes a great story of working with a player with the shanks and how he had literally got to the end of the road.

Desperate to just give him something

Adam gave a ‘quick fix’

Have a listen to the outcome of that lesson

You will be surprised

You will be fascinated

You will question

During a great session we cover this and so much more

Adam is a very deep thinker about the game

He is incredibly well read and well researched

Yet at the heart of all of his work is the key premise

‘Does this work?’

Does this actually help the student get better

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