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Jun 3, 2022

On today’s Brain Booster we welcome the originator of ‘Automatic Golf’ Cameron Strachan.

Cameron is an Australian coach who has produced numerous books and programs around the ideas of automatic golf and automatic learning.

Most of what you’re being told to do isn’t working. And as Cameron likes to say, "Only around 2% of the golf population can make all the technical stuff work for them. Everyone else needs a better way".

For the last 25 years Cameron has been writing and thinking deeply about the golf learning process. He has been on a mission to make golf learning easier and more fun for the other 98%.

We discuss how he learned to play the game.

A unique journey of self discovery

Going from shooting in the high hundreds to sub par rounds without any kind of formal instruction.

Then after this stellar progress he took some lessons and began to really struggle to implement the positional theories into his game. He got really bogged down with the theories and began to fall out of love with the game.

Then the discovery of the ‘Inner Game of Golf’ by Timothy Gallwey and how the ideas in the book transformed his approach to the game and led to a lifelong fascination with the learning process in golf.

Cameron details the work he did with Aaron Baddeley on his putting.

How he helped him to totally simplify his approach on the greens

The concept became known as ‘Look and Shoot’

Eliminating so much of the ‘noise’ that can be created on the greens

Occupying the conscious mind with some neutral focus to allow the body to take over

This work culminated in Baddeley becoming the best putter in the world for a period of time in the early 2000’s


How to take a more natural learning approach to swing issues

Giving students problems to solve

The ability to distract the conscious mind to let the genius of your body take over

The power of really effective questions

Drawing out learning from students

The magic of SILENCE in a true learning environment

How you can create a resilient golfer through effective learning environments


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