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Apr 3, 2019

Are you playing the right golf ball? With Titleist Golf Ball Specialist Anthony Williams Could changing your golf ball help YOUR breakthrough?

A slightly different show today but right in line with our ideas on a breakthrough and how the small percentages can really add up.

Are you playing the right ball for you?

Today we explore with Titleist Golf Ball specialist Anthony Williams the myths and misconceptions about the golf ball you play.

I first heard Anthony speak at a Performance seminar that we both spoke at in South Wales and I was fascinated by the information he provided to all the levels of player involved that night.

He really got me thinking about the importance of each individual having a ball fitting to find out what they SHOULD be playing

In today’s session we explore many of the myths and misconceptions about the golf ball.

The myths about distance

The myth of ‘only good players should use a premium ball’

The importance of practicing the short game with the ball you are going to PLAY with

Anthony believes that the right golf ball for your game can make a HUGE difference

He has been a PGA professional for over 12 years

A Titleist Ball Fitting expert for 5 years in which time he has spent countless hours with some of the best players in the world fine tuning their golf ball choice

Enjoy the show it may seem only a small change to make but it could have a HUGE impact

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