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Feb 17, 2023

Why Mindfulness is so important for the health of athletes

 Today we are joined on the Brain Booster with Luke Doherty who has been doing some amazing work in sport applying the principles of Mindfulness

 Luke Doherty trained as an elite rugby player and was capped for England under-18's. He earned a degree and Postgrad diploma in Law as well as advanced-level mindfulness training qualifications from Breathworks and the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre. He's since been dedicated to devising and delivering bespoke mindfulness programmes for some of the UK's leading athletes and forward thinking executives, working with Premiership rugby and football players, Olympians and Team GB athletes. His innovative approaches using mindfulness have received national media coverage and he's part of a consortium which advises the Dept. of Health and Social Care.

 Luke has lived an extraordinarily varied life part of which was when he spent six years in a Buddhist Mindfulness Centre

 We had a very important conversation about mental health in competitive sport and how Mindfulness can be such a valuable tool to stay connected to what is truly important to you

  •  There is so much pressure these days on athletes to perform
  •  Luke talked about some harrowing examples of players he knew in rugby who had committed suicide as a result of the anxiety created in the quest to win
  •  We looked deeply into how mindfulness can be applied in high pressure situations in sport to allow the athlete to stay connected to their true values
  •  How to deal with the game ‘after the game’
  •  What do you do to settle the experience you have just had in your mind to allow you to keep going forwards to experience pleasure in the game
  •  How the ‘body’ can let you know if you are off track with your life and your purpose
  •  The mind body connection and how your body ‘keeps the score’
  •  The amazing way that Luke has combined boxing and mindfulness to help young people in the community
  •  The huge value in spending time mindfully in nature
  •  The incredible value of a morning routine that really resonates with you at a deep level

 A really wide ranging and fascinating conversation around mindfulness and how it can be applied on a very practical level to get the most from your game

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