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Nov 19, 2020

Today on the Brain Booster we are joined by Performance coach Kelvin Kelley

Kelvin is a Class A PGA golf professional in San Francisco, California. He has taught at some of the top golf clubs in the Bay Area, which include The Olympic Club and Sonoma.

He has also written several instructional articles for and Secret Golf.

Kelvin works with his students to develop efficient motion.

Besides swing and short game instruction, Kelvin works with his players a LOT on the GOLF course.

As we discuss seeing the golfer in the TRUE environment. Seeing how a player actually reacts.

This includes mental preparation, developing practice routines and course strategizing.

We discuss how you can develop your game with better training.

How if you do wish to change some of your motion it is better to do as much as possible in the set up to TRIGGER better motion as opposed to consciously trying to manipulate the club into various positions.

How the set up can dictate so much of your active motion

Hitting angles and their effect

How the downswing should be a reaction not a recovery

Working with an impact bag

A great session and a perfect time of year to look at some of these concepts

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