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Oct 30, 2018

An absolutely brilliant podcast today that will really get you thinking about the way your mind actually works.

I love doing these podcasts but this was extra special.

John Bargh is the world’s leading expert on the unconscious mind. He is the James Rowland Angell Professor of Psychology at YALE university and the author of the wonderful book ‘Before you Know it’ The unconscious reasons we do what we do


You will never look at the role of your unconscious mind in the same way again.

Far from it being a place of deep and dark repressed issues your unconscious can be your best friend IF you know how to work with it.


In today’s show we talk to John Bargh about his groundbreaking work.

How he had his ‘Alligator Moment’ and how a problem he had been wrestling with for a number of years came to a resolution due to the effect of his unconscious mind and after that how the direction of his academic enquiry changed forever.


We discuss the role of the unconscious in sports and how to best utilise its phenomenal power

The role of PRIMING

How your environment and the people within it are constantly triggering behaviour

How you can set your environment up to work FOR rather than against you


How the past, the present and the future are constantly interacting and how you need to be VERY aware of their effects


How goals need to be VERY carefully thought through and how the wrong goals can be so very damaging


Implementation Intentions

If there is one part of the show that has the chance to CHANGE your life it is this

Learn the difference between an intention and an implementation intention

They are profoundly different


Life hacks you can instantly use

The power of really looking at the person in front of you

The effects of physical content

Just gem after gem of vital knowledge with a truly engaging Before you know it




‘Before you know it’ by John Bargh available at


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