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Apr 7, 2023

The silent epidemic why we should be concerned

Today on the Brain Booster we welcome back my good friend Dr Izzy Justice to discuss golf and mental health.

You wouldn’t ordinarily connect the two subjects together but as we discuss in today’s show there is currently an epidemic of mental health issues especially amongst young players.

So many people have a brain that is totally overstimulated.

The baseline EEG is way too high.

Then we come to try to play a game like golf where we are REQUIRED to have low brain wave frequency in order to perform.

We are consuming so much information and stumuli as a result of the amount of time we spend on our devices.

  • Social media is saturating our brain with mostly useless stimuli
  • What can we do about this problem?
  • Is there a way out of the woods to better mental health and also better golf?
  • Izzy has some wonderful suggestions:
  • What does a GOOD day look like for our brain?
  • The importance of a NEURO DIET
  • Doing more things that help quieten your brain
  • Simple DAILY strategies to help you reduce all of the NOISE
  • Doing more of what you LIKE and less of what you don’t
  • The importance of SLEEP
  • The chronic problem of sleep deprivation
  • Why our current baseline is contributing to sleep issues
  • Why sleep gadgets can only do so much
  • The GREAT SLEEP hack the FOUR, ONE, ONE
  • How to get closure on the day
  • This is a nugget of GOLD
  • The key message of the podcast is to get your BASELINE down BEFORE you play golf
  • The role of GRATITUDE in lowering brain frequency

A really great thought provoking session

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