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Dec 26, 2019

Seasons greetings to you all

Thank you so much for your support in the last 12 months

It is very much appreciated

On the Brain Booster we thought we would end the year with a ‘fireside chat” about the Lost Art of Golf book with co author Gary Nicol and co contributor Markus Westerberg

We get the chance to discuss some of the key concepts in the book

In particular we look at perhaps THE most important question

‘Why do you play golf?’

We explore how you can fall into the trap of playing the game for ‘other people’

How your ego can be distracted by the attention the game can give us

What if we had a simple goal of……..

How good can I get?

How this question creates a SAFE PLACE to play the game from

How this mindset puts you in a place where you LOOK for challenges instead of seeking the safety of ego satisfaction

The beauty of being challenged by the game itself

Can I shape the ball?

Can I affect the trajectory of the ball?

The importance of QUALITY questions

How effective questions can really change your perception of the game

Graeme McDowell once said ‘Questions are indeed the answer’

How good questions can help you to get the best out of your game TODAY

A simple question:

What can I do on this hole TODAY?

The ability to be able to deal with whatever you have today

The skill of ADAPTABILTY

How watching golf on TV can be so misleading and how we can be misled into believing that all bad shots are because our golf swing has changed

Perception and reality

How we can look to TRAIN better for the game

How we can think differently about our own game as a PERSONAL quest to get better

It was wonderful to catch up with Gary and Markus and discuss the concepts in the Lost Art of Golf

Both of these coaches have an absolute WEALTH of knowledge in the game.

Spending time with them is always beneficial

They both get you to THINK

They both get you to look at the game DIFFERENTLY

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